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Abominable showman
DQIVDS - Abominable showman
Japanese name ベロリンマン
Rōmaji Berorinman
Family Beast
Introduced in Dragon Quest IV

The Abominable Showman (Linguar in the NES localization) is a boss character in Dragon Quest IV, and the last of the opponents fought by Alena in the Endor Colosseum.

At the start of each combat turn, the Showman splits into four copies of itself. Alena can only deal damage to the Showman if she attacks the correct copy (unlike most groups of similar enemies, each copy of the Showman is treated as a separate enemy). Only one of the copies will attack Alena, and if she hits the wrong one, the copy dissipates, and the real Showman will stick its tongue out at her.

#197 - Abominable Showman
AbominableShowman DQIV NES
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IV
Console DS
HP 100
Experience 0
Gold 0
Haunts Endor Colosseum

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