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The Agate of Evolution is a rare and important alchemical ingredient in Dragon Quest IX, and is necessary for the creation of the best items in the game. It requires 2 sainted soma's, 2 ethereal stones, and 1 chronocrystal. In base ingredients, the Agate of Evolution requires:

12 brighten rocks, 12 evencloths, 4 magic waters, 4 royal soils, 12 nectars, 12 flurry feathers, 8 fresh waters, 6 angel bells, 4 thunderballs, 4 ice crystals, 2 belle caps, 2 manky muds, 6 cowpats, 4 narspicious and 2 perfect panaceas. Also, 50,000 gold is required in order to purchase a chronocrystal.

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