Agility ring
Dragon Quest IX Agility Ring
Japanese name はやてのリング
Rōmaji Hayatenoringu
Introduced in VI
Dragon Quest IX Agility Ring

Agility Ring

The Agility Ring is a minor, slightly recurring ring in the Dragon Quest series. As the name suggests, it boosts the wielder's Agility stat. It has so far made an appearance in Dragon Quest VI, VIII, and IX.


Dragon Quest VI

"A magical accoutrement that accentuates agility."

The agility ring, given by a younger Evgenya at the Cave of Amor, increases the wearer's agility by 50 points. All but Amos can be equipped with it.

Dragon Quest VIII

The Agility Ring's first appearance was in Dragon Quest VIII, where it can be used by the entire party. It can be won at Pickham Casino for 1,000 tokens. It can also be made in the Alchemy Pot by mixing a Prayer Ring and a Seed of Agility.

Dragon Quest IX

"A magical accoutrement that accentuates agility."

The Agility Ring increases the wielder's Agility by 20 points. It has a rarity of 1 Star. It can be made using Alchemy, by combining the a Prayer Ring with 2 Flurry Feathers.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Purchase Value
Not for Sale
Sale Value
Basic Effects
Medicinal Herb Drop Rate +10.0%
A ring adorned with a symbol of a speeding swift.
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