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Alchemiracles can happen when creating certain items in IX. They cause a different, stronger item to be created instead. Before attempting to make a recipe, Krak Pot will tell the player how likely an alchemiracle is to occur, rounded down to the nearest 10%, which is usually around 10-40%. The chance of an alchemiracle fluctuates based on the Hero/Heroine's stats. This can be manipulated by using the Hoimi table to guarantee an alchemiracle. If an alchemiracle fails the item will become a different item that is slightly weaker than the alchemiracle result. This weaker version can be placed into Krak Pot with a reset stone to return it to a piece of tier 1 legendary equipment, allowing the player to try again. Krak Pot saves the game immediately before performing the alchemiracle, so the player cannot simply reload the game if it fails.

List of items created through Alchemiracles

There are 22 items that can be created through alchemiracles.

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