Alchemy is the process by which new items can be created from existing ones in Dragon Quest game series.



Alchemy is mentioned in Dragon Quest IV in relation to Meena and Maya's father. He is said to have found a way of creating gold using alchemy. This discovery is related to the Secret of Evolution and the demise of their father.


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After defeating Khalamari, but before arriving to Peregrine Quay, King Trode introduces you to the Alchemy Pot. The Alchemy Pot is available to use wherever you have access to the wagon as the pot is kept there. At first, you may only transmute 2 items together but the pot will be upgraded to slot 3 items after the events in Pickham.

  • Items that do not make a successful recipe are immediately rejected and returned.
  • Depending on the level of the item being transmuted, the brewing time for the pot differs.
  • The brewing time depends on the steps the party travels either in the world map or in dungeons and towns. The number of steps in the world map is less because of the greater distance traveled.
  • The brewing time may be instantaneous if the party chooses the upgrade from Lord of the Dragovians.


In IX, the player can use alchemy to create items. To do so, the player must use the Krak Pot at Quester's Rest. The Krak Pot does not become available until after the gate east of Stornway opens part-way into the game. Erinn then puts the Krak Pot on the counter for usage.

Alchemy is best used in Dragon Quest IX in relation to recipes. Recipes can be found by searching bookcases throughout the game. Recipes can be found for both common and rare items and is a popular method of obtaining items. Players may also choose to manually mix items which may or may not produce a resulting item. If an item is not made, the items are returned to the player and are not consumed. Alchemy is the only way you can create the 22 Alchemiracles,

Alchemy Recipes

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Alchemy Ingredients (Reagents)

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Rocket Slime

In Rocket Slime, the Krak Pot must be found on Mt. Krakatroda. It requires the use of recipes, most of which are acquired from rescued slimes.

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