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Dragon Quest IX
DQIX - Aquila
Japanese name イザヤール
Rōmaji Izayaaru
Gender Male
Title(s) Mentor
Race(s) Celestrian
Family Pavo (twin sister)

Aquila is a character in IX. He is the Hero's mentor at the beginning of the game. He plays a pivotal role in the overall plot of the story. Aquila is the apprentice of Corvus.



Main Games


After the game and after Quest 163 "When A Star Wishes Upon You", he becomes available as a party member. He will be a level 60 Warrior with 148 skill points to allocate.


  • Aquila is the name of a constellation that symbolizes the eagle.
  • Aquila resembles Tien from the Dragonball Z series especially during cutscenes.
  • At the start of the game, the player cannot name the hero Aquila. The error message "Sorry, but that name isn't allowed" appears and the player must choose something else.


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