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Arba is a city in The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below.


Arba is a kingdom that is the site of the World Tree. It is ruled by King Doric.

Arba was in the middle of a festival with the local monsters until Velasco casted a spell that turned the local monsters against the people. Luceus and Aurora helped Doric fight them off.

Later on, Arba comes under the attack by Shadroth: Lord of the Night upon his release causing Luceus, Aurora, and their allies to fight him to keep the World Tree safe. With help from Healix wielding the Circle of Light, Luceus and Aurora's group attacked Shadroth after the darkness surrounding him fades away. Once Shadroth was worn down, the Circle of Light powers Luceus and Aurora's blades where they slay Shadroth while restoring the monsters back to normal.

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