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DQVIII - Archdemon
Japanese name アークデーモン
Rōmaji Arc daemon
Family Demon
Introduced in II

Archdemon (formerly Bullwong, Winged Demon, ArcDemon, Arc Demon and Arch Demon) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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Bullwong (ArcDemon)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest II
Console NES, SNES, GBC
HP 210 (NES)
230 (remix)
MP 50
Attack 140
Defense 80 (NES)
135 (remix)
Agility 150 (NES)
105 (remix)
Experience 872 (NES)
1475 (remix)
Gold 110 (NES)
235 (remix)
Dropped Item Wizard's Ring
Skills May attack twice
Breathes fire
Spells Explodet
Haunts Plateau of Rhone


#161 - Archdemon
Game Appearance Dragon Quest V
Console DS
HP 305
MP 34
Attack 234
Defense 160
Agility 70
Experience 927
Gold 85
Description This monster is only in the DS version of Dragon Quest V


It appears in the 3DS version.


#200 - Archdemon
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
HP 248
MP 45
Attack 252
Defense 165
Agility 114
Experience 418
Gold 62
Dropped Item Rockbomb shard (common)
Battle Fork (rare)
Haunts Farebury Region



Game Appearance Dragon Quest Monsters
Console GBC
HP 14
MP 13
Attack 17
Defense 12
Agility 7
Experience Slow
Spells Bang, BoltSlash, BirdBlow
Family Devil Family

Monsters 2

Game Appearance Dragon Quest Monsters 2
Console GBC
HP 5/10
MP 4/10
Attack 6/10
Defense 7/10
Agility 4/10
Experience 5/10 (Average leveling speed)
Spells Bang, BoltSlash, VacuSlash
Family Devil Family
Haunts Breed:
An AgDevil with an Andreal
A Gigantes with a Garudian
A Grendel with a GreatDrak, KingLeo, KingSlime, MetalDrak, MetalKing, Orochi, SpotKing, Trumpeter, WhipBird, or ZapBird
Breed a member of the Devil Family with a member of the Boss Family
Breed an Ogre with a member of the Dragon Family

Caravan Heart


Joker 2

Joker 2 Professional

Terry's Wonderland 3D

Super Light

Joker 3

Originally a one-monster-slot monster in past games, in this game it's a two-monster-slot monster.

The Last Hope

Monster Battle Road Victory

The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Gah hah hah! I can really relax here!"

-"I feel very at peace here-but it would be nice to be able to blast someone with Kaboom once in a while..."

-"Hey, (player's name)! How are things going?"

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