The Argon heart and Great big Argon heart are both key items in Dragon Quest VIII. Contrary to their name, they are actually gizzard stones.


Needing the Magic Mirror from the King Clavius of Argonia, the Hero and the group agree to escort Prince Charmles to the Royal Hunting Ground so that he can go through the rites of passage to become king.

The party helps him by defeating three Argon lizards and winning each heart, though Charmles is unsatisfied at their small size, insisting that they look for a much bigger one. They eventually find and defeat a Great Argon Lizard, thus obtaining a Great big Argon heart.

However, Charmles decides to buy an even bigger one being sold at a bazaar in Argonia, which he buys and presents as the result of his own work. Unknown by him, the Hero presents King Clavius with the heart obtained from the initiation.


Argon hearts are obtained through confronting, and defeating an Argon lizard. Doing so is required by any prince of the Kingdom of Argonia, as a right of passage into becoming king. It is also common for a member of the royal family to wear a ring with the heart used as the gem.

Great big Argon heart

Great big Argon hearts though rare are obtained through defeating a Great Argon Lizard. Other than being valued for their larger size, Great big Argon hearts are no different than average Argon hearts. Some merchants will be seen selling them.

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