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Armamentalist, previously known as Magic Knight, is an advanced vocational class in the Dragon Quest game series.



The Magic Knight is a character class in VI. Magic Knights gain strong spells and skills at the expense of most stats. A character needs skills from both the Soldier and Wizard sets to become a Magic Knight.

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 239
Strength +5%
Agility -10%
Defence -15%
Max HP -10%
Max MP +10%


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Blaze Fighter Flame Slash One Enemy Attacks enemy with fire slash
2 Bikiller Oomph One ally Increases attack power of an ally 6
3 Zap Killer Electric Slash One Enemy Attacks enemy with lightning slash
4 Super Killer Reflect Party Casts Bounce on whole party 4
5 Blizzarder Ice Slash One Enemy Attacks enemy with icy slash
6 Expeller Limbo One enemy Removes an enemy from battle 8
7 Magma Sword Magma ??? Attacks multiple enemies
8 Fource Road Kafrizzle One enemy Really burns an enemy 10


A character must master the Warrior and Mage classes to become an Armamentalist.

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 173
Strength +5%
Agility -10%
Guard -15%
Intelligence Null
Appearance Null
Max HP -10%
Max MP +10%
Mastery Bonus +20 Bonus to MP


Level Title Learns Battles Needed
1 Firestarter Bounce, Midheal 1
2 Powerbearer Swoosh, Flameslash 10
3 Stormbringer Kabuff, Insulate 20
4 Spellbinder Oomph, Lightning Slash 42
5 Frostburner Zap, Kacrackle Slash 66
6 Novablaster Kasnooze, Bazoom 96
7 Earthshaker Kafrizzle, Kasizzle 123
8 Forcewielder Miracle Slash 173


DQIX - Armamentalist

Armamentalist is a vocation in IX, and is an advanced vocation similar to both the mage and warrior. An armamentalist can wield Staff wands, DQ9BowIcon bows, Sword swords and shields, while also weakening enemies with a variety of status effects (the last spell they learn, Oomph, is the only buff they're able to cast). However, none of their spells deal damage to foes, and they aren't very good at directly damaging enemies along with having subpar defenses. They have more MP than both the Warrior and Gladiator combined. With the proper skill sets learned from other jobs they become great all rounders. They are also faster than Warriors and Gladiators. Their Coup-de-Grace is "Voice of Experience," which increases the EXP payout after battle by a random rate (1.1%-1.9%).

The Armamentalist's class-unique skill is the Fource. The Fource skill tree provides many bonuses to health, defense, strength, and attack. You will also unlock different Fources, (e.g., Fire Fource) that the Armamentalist can imbue themselves or other party members with, raising their attack and defense as well as allowing them to deal damage based on the corresponding element of the used Fource. Multiple can be used on a character at a time, and if the level 40 Class Quest for the Armamentalist is completed, the player receives an item that allows all party members to gain the effects of a selected Fource.

Unlockable by completing the following quest:


Required points MP Name Effects
4 4 Fire Fource Adds fire element to target (self or ally).
10 Natural Strength +10 Permanently adds 10 to strength.
16 4 Frost Fource Adds ice element to target (self or ally).
22 Natural Resilience +20 Permanently adds 20 to defence.
32 4 Gale Fource Adds wind and lightning elements to target (self or ally).
42 Natural Charm +10 Permanently adds 10 to Charm.
55 4 Funereal Fource Adds earth and darkness elements to target (self or ally).
68 Natural Magical Might +30 Permanently adds 30 to Mag. Might.
82 4 Life Fource Adds light element to target (self or ally).
100 Natural Max. HP +30 Permanently adds 30 HP to max HP.


Name Level MP Description
Dazzle25Envelops a group of enemies in illusions.
Sap54Reduces the defence of a single enemy.
Snooze83Puts a group of enemies to sleep.
Decelerate103Reduces the agility of a single enemy.
Acceleratle124Raises the agility of all party members.
Fizzle143Prevents a group of enemies from using magic.
Kasap168Reduces the defence of a group of enemies.
Fuddle205Sends a group of enemies into confusion.
Deceleratle245Reduces the agility of a group of enemies.
Kasnooze288Sends all enemies into a deep sleep.
Kafuddle3110Sends all enemies into a state of confusion.
Oomph398Increases the attack of a single party member.



  • Functionally the Armamentalist is identical to the Red Mage Job Class from the Final Fantasy series, being able to equip swords and shields and use magic at the cost of below average stats. The artwork of the male Armamentalist even wears an outfit near identical to the standard Red Mage outfit. You also need a quest in order to unlock the the Armamentalist.
  • The class outfit of Armamentalists as well as the rapiers seen in the official artwork strongly resemble the classic equipment of 17th and 18th-century musketeers.
  • The name Armamentalist is a play on the words armament, meaning weapon, and mentalist, describing a stage magician and entertainer whose common performances include hypnosis, mind-reading, fortune-telling, telepathy, mind-control or psychokinesis (also more commonly known as psychics). Square Enix and the Dragon Quest designers seem to have missed out on the more obvious pun, Armagician (though perhaps this name was too similar to mage).
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