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Monster Info
Army ant
DQII - Army ant
Japanese name 軍隊アリ
Rōmaji Army ant
Family Bug
Introduced in II

Army ant is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.




Army Ant
Game Appearance Dragon Quest II
Console NES, SNES, GBC
HP 12
Attack 19
Defense 13
Agility 8
Experience 4
Gold 2
Dropped Item Herb
Skills Calls for help


Army Ant
Game Appearance Dragon Quest Monsters
Console GBC
HP 3/5
MP 1/5
Attack 3/5
Defense 3/5
Agility 4/5
Spells Nap Attack, Call Help, Kamikaze
Family Bug Family

Monsters 2

Game Appearance Dragon Quest Monsters 2
Console GBC
HP 4/10
MP 3/10
Attack 6/10
Defense 6/10
Agility 4/10
Experience 9/10 (Very Fast leveling speed)
Spells CallHelp, Kamikaze, NapAttack
Family Bug Family
Haunts Breed a GiantSlug with a member of the Slime Family

Joker 2 Professional

Terry's Wonderland 3D

Super Light

The Last Hope

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