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Dragon Quest VI
DQVIDS - Ashlynn
Sprite(s) Dq6 barbara-sprite
Japanese name バーバラ
Rōmaji Baabara
Gender Female
Title(s) Runaway Teen/Scion of Sorceria
Class Mage
Race(s) Human
Age 17
Family Unknown

Ashlynn is a playable character in VI. She's an enthusiastic and sometimes naïve young girl who is first found in the Mirror Tower as a spirit, albeit to the Hero and Carver. She starts as a mage-type character and learns various spells, including Magic Burst, without use of the class system.


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Main Games


Ashlynn appears as one of the most mysterious characters  in the game. This is due to the fact that suffers from severe amensia; knowing only her name and no memories of her past. It is later revealed that she comes from Sorceria, a magical city that posed a threat to The Archfiend and was therefore sealed away by one of his four dread fiends; the aquatic warrior Gracos, to make sure that the most powerful spell, Magic Burst, was never used against it.

It is later revealed that before the events of the game, Sorceria's inhabitants acknowledged Ashlynn as a skilled mage and the one descendant to be able to master the ultimate spell, Magic Burst. Just before the city was destroyed, all of residents used their powers to protect the young mage's dream self by thrusting her into the real world.

When the party travels to Sorceria, after defeating the Dread Fiend Gracos, Ashlynn discovers that the residents have been awaiting her arrival for some time, as she was chosen as the successor to the Eldress of Sorceria. After a small chat with the dying Eldress, Ashlynn learns the most powerful offensive spell in the game, Magic Burst, and earns the accolade "Scion of Sorceria".

After journeying into the Archfiend's realm and defeating Mortamor, the group returns to a world at peace and the party returns to their homes except for Ashlynn who only briefly returns to her home to tell everyone what has happened and she is then informed that she should study at Zenithia and learn from King Zenith. She chooses however to stay with the hero. Upon arriving at the hero's palace, both are greeted by the King and Queen who compliment the young "couple" much to their shyness and invite them to the royal celebration. However when the hero begins searching for Ashlynn he finds her in the throne room and sees her beginning to fade away with the Dream World which is now separating from reality. The Hero and Ashlynn tearfully say their farewells as she disappears along with the Dream World. All that then remains of the Dream World is Zenithia.

After the end credits, the reunited party gathers at Madame Luca's house upon Milly's request who shows them something through her crystal ball. They then see Ashlynn alive and well and residing in Zenithia where she is witnessing the hatching of an egg that holds a new future. Upon hatching the egg releases a stunning light which amazes Ashlynn and the onlookers.


Land of Illusion

Main article: Ashlynn (Land of Illusion)



  • It is noted many times that Ashlynn is in love with the Hero, saying things such as "Hey Hero, I got a new outfit today. Do I look good in it?" or "Aah love, I know how she feels..." or "If I were her I'd pick you over Buddy, but...", even the Hero's parents compliment them on being a cute couple.
  • Ashlynn's presence on Zenithia likely either means the palace still has a connection to the Dream World and the others can still visit her there or that she somehow managed to gain a real body.
  • Ashlynn's name is a stealth pun. Her real world body had been burned to ashes, which is implied from the information the party learns at Sorceria.


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