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Japanese name からくり兵
Rōmaji Karakurihei
Family Machine
Introduced in VII

The Automaton (formerly Clockmech) serves as both an enemy and a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Automatons are part of an army of MechSoldiers summoned by the Tinpot Dictator to lay waste to the country of Faraday. One of the Automaton's malfunctions is found by Trad and Zebbot. They rewire and fix it to make it a weapon that can be used against the mechanical menaces.


The Automatons can be found in the field in Faraday in the past. It can attack twice and hit everyone in the party with Multislice. Multislice does decreasing damage so whoever is in front will receive the brunt of the damage and whoever is last in position won't suffer as much. Ruff's Bark skill has a chance of preventing the Automaton from using one of its turns, which may save you from its attack for a round or at least preventing from attacking twice. Make liberal use of that. Defeat the Automaton first before defeating any other enemies.


Dragon Quest VII

#286 - Automaton
Machine Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
60 10 45 42 13
Exp Gold Drop Iron axe
62 20 G
Note: None
Acts twice
Frobisher area (Past)
Faraday area (Past)
Automaton Stronghold (Past)

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