Autumn shower hat
Japanese name あきさめのぼうし
Rōmaji Aki-sa-me no bōshi
Introduced in IX

The Autumn shower hat is a piece of headwear available in Dragon Quest IX .

Autumn shower hat
Defence 24
Agility 0
Magical Might 26
Magical Mending 19
Obtained from Unknown
Buy price Unknown
Sell price Unknown
Equippable by Priest, Mage, Martial Artist, Thief, Minstrel, Armamentalist, Ranger, Sage
Flavour text An odd ornament for the head that obstructs confusion.

It can be alchemised by using 1x Summer cloud hat, 1x Agate of evolution and 1x Green orb.

It has a 4 star rarity rating.

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