Axes are a recurring family of weapons in the Dragon Quest series. Though typically depicted in official artwork as the weapon of choices for warriors and other melee-oriented characters, their actual presence in the series has been relatively scarce until the release of Dragon Quest VIII.

Unlike swords and spears, axes have been featureless weapons with no additional benefits complimenting their strength since the original game, with the sole exception of the Headman's Axe. As with several other armament types, this would change with the development of Dragon Quest IX, which features many hatchets with additional effects.


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Dragon Quest VIII

Axes are one of the the three weapon types that Yangus specializes in, serving as a middle ground between the brute force of the Hammers and the group targeting Scythes. Axes are recommended for players that prefer to inflict status ailments while simultaneously dealing damage, and for those that prefer to gamble on all-or-nothing attacks through the Hatchet Man and Executioner skills. As with other weapon types, the critical hit percentage of an axe will jump from 1/64 to 1/32 once enough skill points are invested.

Dragon Quest IX

Gladiators and Rangers are the only vocations that may Axes by default. By putting 100 points into the skill set, any character may wield an Axe.

Axes will deal 10% more damage to enemies in the Plant category.