Axes of Evil is a recurring ability in the franchise. It hits a group of enemies with a vortex formed by a powerful swing.


Dragon Quest VIII

Yangus can use Axes of Evil as an axe technique after allocating 54 skill points into the associated skill. This skill possess a wind attribute, making it impractical to use against certain enemies. It is affected by Yangus' tension, however, allowing it to overcome any enemy resistance with sufficient level. Damage is calculated as a whip strike, with each blow dealing less as more enemies are struck.

  • In the 3DS port, the skill now costs 2MP.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 88 skill points invested into Axe skill. It costs no mp to use, loses the wind element from VIII, and damages an enemy group with the same calculations as a whip strikes ( 0.8, 0.7, 0.5, etc).

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