Dragon Quest IV
DQIVDS - Baalzack
Japanese name バルザック
Rōmaji Baruzakku
Gender Male
Title(s) Marquis
Race(s) Human (originally)
Age Unknown
Family Unknown

Balzack is a character in Dragon Quest IV. A student of Maya and Meena's father, the alchemist Mahabala, Balzack killed his teacher for the Secret of Evolution he had discovered, becoming an underling of Psaro.


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Main Games

Dragon Quest IV

The entirety of Chapter 4 is centered on the sisters' quest to confront Balzack, their father's murderer, whom they finally encounter at Palais de Léon. However due to the intervention of the Marquis de Léon, the sisters are defeated, thrown in jail, and ultimately forced to flee to Endor.


#198 - Balzack
Beast Family
Balzack DQIV NES
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
240 (NES)
300 (PSX and DS)
80 (NES)
72 (PSX and DS)
43 (NES)
36 (PSX and DS)
Exp Gold Drop None
500 0 G
Note: None
Spews fireball
Haunts at:
Palais de Léon (Ch. 4)

He uses powerful magical and breath attacks, and if he is injured he will heal himself fully with Fullheal, however, he is vulnerable to the effects of the Sphere of silence.

#202 - Baalzack
Dragon Family
Baalzack DQIV NES
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
500 (NES)
950 (PSX and DS)
150 100 14 (NES)
28 (PSX and DS)
Exp Gold Drop None
6500 0 G
Note: None
Acts twice
Chilly Breath
Haunts at:
Zamoksva (Ch. 5)

In the fifth chapter, the Secret of Evolution has transformed him into a more powerful being: Baalzack (or "Balzack+"). He is occupying the empty Castle Zamoksva. He is very arrogant, and disliked even by his subordinate demons. His intention, he says, is to enhance his body to be even more godlike than Psaro the Manslayer, but he lacks the Armlet of Transmutation which allows him to use the full power of the Secret of Evolution. With the help of the hero, Maya and Meena are able to finally defeat him.

Remake Changes

  • In the NES Version, the Ball of Silence, in addition to disabling Balzack's magic, also changes his coloring. The remakes remove the pallet swapping effect.
  • In the NES Version, Balzack's sprite through both encounters is the one used for Psaro's Pawn and Master Kung. In the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions, he takes the form of a king until the battle begins and then changes to a sprite resembling his battle form.

Dragon Quest X


Side Games

Monsters 2
Joker 2 Professional


The name Balzack is similiarly close to that of Honoré de Balzac, a French novelist and playwright, whose magnum opus was titled La Comédie humaine, a series of short stories and novels detailing life after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. The story of Balzac is also similar to that of Honoré, as both turned their backs on their teachers or professions and sought a higher purpose.


Other languages

Other languages
French Dickenz/Déickenz
German Unknown
Spanish Balzack/Baalzack
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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