The Battle Records appears in several Dragon Quest games. It serves as a progress log to see how much time they have spent playing, how much gold (on hand and banked) and a total summary of their total game completion. The Battle Records includes menus such as the "Bestiary" .



The Battle Records can be viewed anytime for a summary of combat performance (max points of damage gets recorded here), includes the total number of times wiped out (defeated), the total sum of gold won through battle (and gold banked), total time playing and how many mini medals they have given to Minikin, the person in Dragon Quest IV to whom players hand in your mini medals.

Note that records are carried over through each chapter.



Stella presents the player with their accolades (Titles obtained in-game by doing something special e.g Completing the game), the list of the players defeated monsters, Alchenomicon (alchemical completion), wardrobe, items obtained, a quest list (Showing quests that are in progress and that are completed), Battle victories, Time spent (Single-player & Multiplayer), guests canvassed and how many quests they have completed in total.

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