The Berserker is an available class in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Berserker is a humanoid monster that wears a mask. The Berserker class offers increases in strength and agility and severe drops in all other categories.

Monster Heart

The Berserker heart can be found in the Avon cave in a treasure chest. This chest is accessible after the player defeats Gracos. The player can also obtain a Berserker heart from the Lucky Panel game and from battling Berserkers in Mt. Tor in the Labres region in the past.

Required for

EvilWell (Class), Golem (Class) (both with Bombcrag (Class))

Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 150
Strength +10 Percent
Agility +10 Percent
Guard -30 Percent
Intelligence -40 Percent
Appearance -20 Percent
Max HP Null
Max MP Null


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Crusher Nothing 0
2 Smasher Squall Hit 15 One Enemy Attacks first with 80 Percent power 0
3 Rampager Nothing 34
4 Destroyer Fire Slash 52 One Enemy Attack will cause fire damage 0
5 Juggernot Nothing 72
6 Gilgamash Rain Slash 100 All Enemies Attacks all enemies with decreasing damage 0
7 Titan Nothing 135
8 Marcolara Massacre 150 One Enemy/Ally Attack does a critical hit to either an enemy or an ally 0


The level sixth tier title, "Gilgamash" (resembling "Gilgamesh"), is a reference to the Epic of Gilgamesh from the Mesopotamian region.

The level seventh tier title Titan is a reference to the Greek mythological Titans