Big boss shield
DQVIII - Big boss shield
Japanese name 大おやぶんの盾
Rōmaji Dai oya bun no tate
Introduced in VIII

The Big Boss Shield is an equipment item in the Dragon Quest series. It casts Kasap if used as a tool.


Dragon Quest VIII

The big boss shield offers a defense bonus of +50. It can only be worn by Yangus and casts Kasap when used as an item in battle. The shield cannot be bought and sells for 12000g. The shield can only be traded for from Dodgy Dave.

Dragon Quest IX

The Big Boss Shield can be sold for 16,500 gold but cannot be bought. It is created using the alchemy recipe of Boss shield x 1 + Agate of evolution x 1 + Mighty armlet x 1. It has a defense bonus of +34, a blocking chance of six percent, and a three star rarity. It casts Sap if used in battle as an item.

Its in game description is "A shield that casts a sap spell if used as an item in battle."

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