Blight knight
DQIX - Blight knight
Japanese name ヴァルハラー
Rōmaji Vu~aruharaa
Family Zombie
Introduced in IX

Blight knight is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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#237 - Blight Knight
Blight Night
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Experience 7000
Gold 192
Dropped Item Skull Helm (common) Veteran's Helm (rare)
Family zombie
Haunts Grottos

Super Light


Definition of BLIGHT from Merriam Webster:

  1. A disease or injury of plants marked by the formation of lesions, withering, and death of parts (as leaves and tubers) :  an organism (as an insect or a fungus) that causes blight
  2. Something that frustrates plans or hopes
  3. Something that impairs or destroys
  4. A deteriorated condition

It probably refers to the 4th definition on Merriam Webster for blight and blight rhymes with knight.

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