Blue Orb
Japanese name ブルーオーブ
Rōmaji Burūōbu
Introduced in III

The Blue Orb is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. First introduced in Dragon Quest III as a key item, it has be relegated as an alchemy ingrediant by Dragon Quest IX.

Other Appearances

Dragon Quest III

The Blue orb is a key item in Dragon Quest III, which is part Six Orbs required to hatch Ramia. It is located in a treasure chest within the Navel of the Earth.

Dragon Quest VIII

The Blue orb is an important item that must be found at the top of the Tower of Alexandria before the final battle with Rhapthorne.

Dragon Quest IX

A ridiculously rare orb of cornflower blue. Alchemise it! - Dragon Quest IX game description

The blue orb reappears in Dragon Quest IX as a very exotic alchemy ingredient, used for some of the highest alchemy recipes. It is a rare drop from Nimzo, Orgodemir, and (at certain level ranges) Nokturnus legacy bosses.

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