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Map of Boingburg.

Boingburg is the capital of Slimenia in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. It is located in the middle-left of the map of Slimenia. Boingburg is ruled by His Royal Wobbliness, who rules all of Slimenia


Location Image(s) Description
Rocket's house
Rocket's House

Rocket's House

The house where Rocket, the main protagonist of Rocket Slime, lives.

Rocket,saving at the church

The church in Boingburg is a normal church from the Dragon Quest series, with the exception that the only use of it is to save.
Palace The palace is where His Royal Wobbliness lives and rules over all of Slimenia. There is a canvas in which the player can paint using the touch screen behind His Royal Wobbliness' throne.
Ducktor Cid's Garage

Ducktor Cid's Garage's exterior.

The Garage is where the player can have Ducktor Cid modify the Schleiman tank by upgrading it's maximum health and changing the items stocked on it, or changing out which slimes are on board the tank.
Spy Hole This is the base of the Goonins. In order to proceed in the story at a certain point in the game, the player must pass a series of tests put on by the Goonins.
Museum The Museum is where gold statues of every enemy exist. In order to unlock each statue, the player must ship 100 of a specific enemy.
Tank Masters A arena where you can use the Schleiman tank against other opponents. Almost all post-game content is here.


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