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Boomerangs are a recurring weapon family famous for their ability to target all enemies on screen at once. Though the damage will decrease significantly for every enemy struck, many players still keep on in the item inventory of their melee characters to help with crowd control. Similarly to whips, boomerangs can only critical on the first enemy.

Typically, the damage calculation is that the second enemy struck will take 80% of the initial damage, the third 60%, the fourth 40%, and the rest 20%.


Dragon Quest III

Though not present in the original 8-bit version, three 'rangs have been added to the remake and it's subsequent ports.

Dragon Quest IV

A single boomerang was included in the original 8-bit version, but has been replace with the Hunter's Bow in all remakes.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Boomerangs are one of the three weapon families the Hero and Morrie can equip. Due to the base power of offensive spells being much lower than in other games, as well as the fact that both characters have slow Wisdom growth, many players like to invest a handful of points into the skill tree to give either character more utility in a mob fight. Initial critical hit ratio is 1/64, growing to 1/32 when enough skill points are accumulated.

Dragon Quest IX

Rangers, Luminaries, and Sages can equip boomerangs and fill out the skill tree. Many of the following weapons are made through the Alchemy pot

  • Boomerang
  • Reinforced Boomerang
  • Edged Boomerang
  • Cutting-edge Boomerang
  • Crucerang
  • Razor-wing Boomerang
  • Razer-wing Boomerang
  • Erazor-wing Boomerang
  • Swallowtail
  • Eaglewing
  • Gusterang
  • Blusterang
  • Flametang Boomerang
  • Banefire Boomerang
  • Pentarang
  • Hexarang
  • Meteorang
  • Asterang
  • Stellarang
  • Galaxarang

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