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Monster Info
Boss troll
DQ9 BossTroll
Family Demon Family
Sub-type Troll
Introduced in Dragon Quest III

Boss troll is a monster introduced in Dragon Quest III.



Imposter King of Samanao

A boss troll is acting as the king of Samanao when the hero first arrives there. By using the Mirror of Ra, the hero is able to reveal the imposter and fight the boss troll.

Other Locations

In the original game, boss trolls appear as normal monsters in other locations. These include the Nail Mark (Cave Northwest of Tantegel) and the outer world area near Zoma's Castle. Boss trolls have been removed from these areas in the remake of the game.

Boss trolls do appear randomly with other boss monsters within the 2nd bonus dungeon in the remake. These appear so that the player may obtain the boss troll's set of monster medals.

Item Drops

In the original version of the game, boss trolls were the only way to obtain a Thor's Sword, the strongest possible weapon for a Soldier. However, in the remake there are other ways to obtain this weapon.


Boss Troll is a stronger version of the Troll, except the Boss Troll has green skin and wears a pink coloured fur toga. It has even more HP and attack than the original Troll.


Monsters 2

Caravan Heart

Joker 2

In Joker 2, the Boss Troll is part of the Demon Family, and can only be found early in the Treepidation region. They only spawn at night the pinnacle of the forest region, where the Hero learns the Zip spell, and in the area that can only be accessed during rain.

Unlike it's Joker counterpart, this Boss Troll is not stationary, and can be found pacing around the lake or campfire. It does not chase the Hero, but it is advised to ignore the monster until the Hero clears the Unshore or Bemusoleum areas and has a monster boasting a +10 and demon slaying skills.

The Boss Troll can also be synthesized using the following 3 special recipes:

  • Gigantes + Diemon
  • Gigantes + Buffalogre
  • Diemon + Buffalogre

A Boss Troll is also needed to create a Night Clubber:

  • Boss Troll + Pazuzu
  • Boss Troll + Frou-frou


Boss trolls appear as enemies in the Deathbringer's citadel, from the Cyclop's club and onwards. They are very strong and can throw boulders, as well as having lots of health.


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