Bows are a recurring type of weapon in the Dragon Quest series, having Recently become far more prominent than in past decades. In the early games, bow are typically featured as late-game, 'vanilla' weapons with no distinguishing features beyond their considerable might.

In more modern games this stance has changed with the proliferation of the family, becoming the tool of choice for nimble characters such as Angelo. Bucking common RPG trends, bows in DQ games are just as potent as other weapon categories, standing alongside swords and axes as the most powerful families of armaments. Furthermore, ammunition never runs out no matter how many attacks are made, nor are their damage outputs affected by being used in the back row in DQIX.


Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Bows are one of the three weapon types Angelo may equip himself with. All skills in the set are unique, leading many players to recommend them over his sword options. Base critical hit rate is 1/64, and 1/32 after skill point investment.

Dragon Quest IX

Bows can initially be used by Armamentalists, Rangers, and Sages. By completing the Bow skill set, any character may equip a bow.

All bows will deal 10% more damage to enemies in the Bird family.