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In the Dragon Quest Monsters 2 game, after obtaining the HarMirror from the Pirate Key world, the player can gain access to the Starry Night Shrine to breed monsters, if they are at level 10 or above.

Breeding requires one male and one female monster. The result of the breeding will be an egg, containing a level 1 monster which possesses skills and stats similar to it's parents. The egg can then be left in the monster farm or hatched, the latter of which costing a small fee.

The monster born will have a + number next to it, dependent on it's parent's + number. Higher + numbers will sometimes produce extra stat growth for the monster when leveling up. The cost of hatching, evaluating, and blessing an egg is dependent on the + number. Also, the plus number, multiplied by two, is added to the limit for the maximum level for the monster.

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