Briquet is a boss enemy in the Galantyne Glades stage of Dragon Quest Swords. He is a Golem and a member of the Golem family of monsters.


Briquet in his enraged state.

Golems were first introduced in the first Dragon Quest game, when a Golem was used as a boss. Since then, they have appeared in most Dragon Quest games, usually as a standard enemy.

When battling Briquet, be ready with your shield. He normally punches each corner of the screen once (in a random order), before joining both fists together and performing a slam attack in the middle of the screen. This will go on until you have him just below half health, and his eyes will glow red and he will say something. After this, he will keep punching the screen corners (usually 2-3 hits per corner), and he will then perform another slam attack.

To defeat Briquet, you need to attack when he lowers his guard. There is no use attacking when he is trying to hit you, if you do so, before you know it, you will die. After Briquet has done a slam attack, he will pause for 2-4 seconds whilst he regains his health, this is when you should attack. Get as many hits in as you can, but stop attacking as soon as he blocks your attack, because this means he is ready to hit you.

It is possible to defeat Briquet without losing any health points, and if you manage to do this, you will probably get a high rank (like Rank S) when you have defeated him.

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