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Monster Info
Bud brother

Family Plant family
Introduced in Dragon Quest IX

Bud brother is a monster introduced in Dragon Quest IX. They are flower-like monsters that will call upon a Badja when they feel inferior. They are stronger versions of leafy larrikin.

#065 - Bud brother
DQ9_Bud brothers.png
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 65
MP 6
Attack 68
Defense 55
Agility 90
Experience 100
Gold 62
Dropped Item Moonwort bulb (common, 1/8)
Strong medicine (rare, 1/32)
Skills Summon reinforcements
Family Plant
Description They like to bring butts into battle to beef up the bloodshed, or if they're feeling inferior, they'll beckon forth a badja.
They rustle round the forest, kicking up clumps of fallen foliage and attacking adventurers who interrupt them.
Haunts Slurry Coast

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