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Japanese Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Type Support
MP 3*
Introduced in III

Buff (formerly Upper) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.



Upper is learned by both Mages and Sages at level 4. It temporarily increases the defense of one ally during battle.


Buff is learned by Kiryl at level 5. It temporarily increases the defense of one ally during battle


Buff is learned by the Hero at level 9, is already learned by Rebjorn, and can be learned by the following recruitable monsters: Bad Apple, Cureslime, Liquid Metal Slime, Mandrake Marshal, Mudraker, Pip Fighter, Pocus Poppet, and Warhog.


Buff is a spell that targets one person's defence. The first time you use it it won't be very effective but use it the second time and the spell with vastly improve the target's defence rendering hard hitting attacks to 2-4 damage. The spell is learned by paladins at level 2 and priests at level 8.

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