The Bunny Suit is a rare peice of female clothing that increases defense slightly
Bunny suit

Bunny Suit

and boasts enormous sex appeal. It's commonly found in secret shops for a large sum of Gold or via Mini Medal fanatics.

Dragon Quest VI

Most likely the first appearance of this provocative armor, the Bunny Suit can be purchased at a shop in Turnscote for 3300 gold coins.

Dragon Quest VIII

In Journey of the Cursed King, the Bunny Suit makes an appearance as an armor equip for Jessica Albert . If she equips this with the fishnet stockings and bunny ears, her appearance changes. It also increases her defense by +38. This is also the most recognized appearance of the Bunny Suit due to the use of full 3D graphics.

Dragon Quest IX

The Bunny Suit is obtained as a reward for trading 13 mini medals from Cap'n Max Meddlin' at Dourbridge.

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