Caper tiger
DQIVDS - Weartiger
Japanese name ワータイガー
Rōmaji Wātaigā
Family Humanoid
Introduced in VII

A Caper tiger (formerly WarTiger) is a monster who appears in VII.


As a member of a family that includes the weartiger, a caper tiger is yet another creature in a cat costume. three traits make it more dangerous than its close cousin, the shabby cat: first, its basic attacks are stronger than those of a shabby cat; second, it knows Heal, and may use it when attacked; third, it can sizzle with fire breath. Fortunately, the caper tiger does not blow sand into its attackers' eyes, though its persistence in healing can make for rather drawn-out fights.


Dragon Quest VII

#52 - Caper tiger
Humanoid Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
84 20 75 65 65
Exp Gold Drop Bunny tail
32 (PSX)
48 (3DS)
26 (PSX)
39 (3DS) G
Note: None
Fire Breath
Likeness of the Great Evil (Past)
Gröndal area (Past)
Roots of Ygg
El Ciclo area (Past)
Inside the Time Frame
Greenthumb Gardens area (Past, 2nd visit)
Wilted Heart area (Past)
Monster Meadows Quotes:
Eye of the tiger, (player's name), eye of the tiger.

War doesn't determine who's right, only who's left.

Monsters are willing to die for war, but not for peace. That is as it should be.


Grrr! Grrr!

Just think-a place purely for monsters! What a grrreat idea!

Grrr! If it isn't (player's name)! It's grrreat that you could make it!




This beast's name is a pun that intertwines a caper (nonsensical or illicit stunt) with a paper tiger, a political euphemism for something that might seem a threat, but is genuinely harmless.

Other languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Imitigre
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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