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Monster Info
Caper tiger
DQIVDS - Weartiger
Japanese name ワータイガー
Rōmaji Wah Tiger
Family Beast
Introduced in Dragon Quest VII

The Caper tiger, formerly known as WarTiger, is a monster in Dragon Quest VII.


Dragon Quest VII

#52 - WarTiger
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 84
MP 20
Attack 75
Defense 65
Agility 65
Experience 32
Gold 26
Dropped Item Bunny Tail
Skills Fire Air
Spells Heal
Family Beast
Haunts Dune

The WarTiger can be found in the Evil Statue, the Krage region in the past, the Sacred Tree, the Litorud region in the past, and the Time Pocket Cave.

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