Chain mail
DQVIII - Chain mail
Japanese name くさりかたびら
Rōmaji Kusari katabira
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Chain Mail is made from light metallic thread sewn together. Light and easy to move about in, it will considerably lessen the damage that the enemy can inflict on you.


Dragon Quest

They can be bought at Garinham and Cantlin/Mercado for 300 G. The wearer gains +10 defense when equipped.

Dragon Warrior (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Chain Mail 300 G Defense +10

Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +20. It can be equipped by the Hero, Warriors, Clerics, Dealers, and Sages.

Dragon Quest IV

The chain mail has a defence bonus of +18.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

The chain mail has a defense bonus of +20 and an appearance bonus of +23. It can be equipped by the Hero, Kiefer, Melvin, and Aira.

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

 Chain Mail
Defence +11
Buy Price 540 G
Sell Price 270 G
Flavor text A supple suit made from little loops of wire.
Notes Sold in Stornway and Coffinwell.
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