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Champion is an advanced vocational class in VII.


The power of the heavens flows through the Champion. In order to become a Champion, one must master the Gladiator and Paladin.



Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 250
Strength +25 Percent
Agility +10 Percent
Guard +5 Percent
Intelligence Null
Appearance Null
Max HP +10 Percent
Max MP -10 Percent
Mastery Bonus +25 Bonus to Strength


Level Title Learns Battles Needed
1 Cheerful Champion Selflessness, Forbearance, Thin Air, Boulder Toss, Double Up 0
2 Bronze Champion Falcon Slash, Multislice, Double-Edged Slash, Undead Undoer, Metal Slash, Gust Slash, Toxic Dagger, Helm Splitter 20
3 Silver Champion Pearly Gates, Multifists 40
4 Gold Champion Drain Magic, Magic Barrier 80
5 Platinum Champion Kasap, Kabuff, Oomph 120
6 World Champion Kamikazee, Multiheal, Kazing, Kerplunk 150
7 Undefeated Champion Gigaslash 180
8 Ultimate Champion Blade of Ultimate Power 250


Many of the titles come from the hierarchy of angels in Christian tradition.

  • Thrones are the givers of God's justice.
  • Cherub (plural Cherubim) are a rank of angels second highest in the hierarchy. They are guardians sent by God to protect.
  • Seraph (plural Seraphim) are the highest rank of angels. They sing praises to God.

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