Chimaera wing
DQVIII - Chimaera wing
Japanese name キメラのつばさ
Rōmaji Kimera no Tsubasa
Introduced in Dragon Quest
Chimaera wing

Chimaera Wing

The chimaera wing (formerly Wing of the Wyvern, Wings, and Warpwing in earlier translations) is an item that casts the Zoom spell when used. It is present in every Dragon Quest game series game.

Monsters in Dragon Quest IX that drop this item: Chimaera, Hocus Chimaera


Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Wings 70 G Transport back to Tantegel Castle.

Can be Bought in Kol.

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX
Item Price Attributes
Chimaera wingChimaera Wing 25 G A tool that can teleport people to places they've been before.

Rarity: Stars0

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