Collum o'golem
DQVIII - Golem
Japanese name ゴーレムーガ
Rōmaji Goremuga
Family Material
Introduced in Dragon Quest VII

#242 - Golemuga
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 580
Attack 300
Defense 125
Agility 72
Experience 345
Gold 175
Dropped Item Valiant Bracelet
Golem Heart (rare)
Skills Brutal Hit
Charge Up
Family Material
Haunts Bonus Dungeon 1

The Collum o'golem (formerlyGolemuga) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the first Bonus Dungeon. The Collum o'golem also has the rare chance of dropping a Golem Heart, allowing one party member to become a Golem when it is taken to the Temple of Dharma.

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"......... (It looks like it gave you a slight nod.)"

-"......... (It has the faint hint of a knowing smile.)"

-"......... (It may have just winked at you knowingly.)"

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