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Monster Info
Pogoin' penguin
DQMP - Confupeng
Japanese name タップペンギー
Rōmaji Tappupengi
Family Aquatic
Introduced in VII

The Pogoin' penguin (formerly Confupeng) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the flooded Wetlock region in the past, the Underwater City in the past, the Coastal region in the past and the Coral Lake in both the past and present.

#264 - Confupeng
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 105
MP 4
Attack 75
Defense 50
Agility 58
Experience 70
Gold 42
Dropped Item Leather Hat
Skills Panic All
Call for Help (Confupeng)
Family Aquatics
Haunts Hamelia
Coral Lake

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