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Confusion is a status ailment in the Dragon Quest series. Confusion can be inflcted using Fuddle, randomly via Style, and some enemies' special attacks. It can be cured using a Panacea, Angel bell, or it may wear off on its own.

When a player character is confused it might:

  • Miss its turn
  • Attack a fellow party member
  • Become paralysed

Individual players cannot flee from battle without this being explicitly initiated by the player. The player can still give orders to a confused character; however, the character cannot follow orders properly. When an enemy is confused it might:

  • Miss its turn
  • Attack a fellow monster
  • Become paralysed
  • Flee the battle

Confusion among player characters can be very dangerous, especially on characters who can do a lot of damage. When venturing near monsters that can cast confusion, it is advisable to maintain a stock of restorative items, and to use them as soon as is practical to prevent player characters from killing each other.

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