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Crabber dabber doo
DQIX - Crabber dabber doo
Japanese name じごくのハサミ
Rōmaji Scissors of hell
Family Aquatic
Introduced in III

Crabber dabber doo (formerly Infernus Crab, Hell Crab, HellCrab and Crabber Dabber Doo) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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#107 - Crabber dabber doo
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 112
MP 7
Attack 115
Defense 121
Agility 78
Experience 670
Gold 118
Dropped Item Seashell (common, 1/16)
Poison moth knife (rare, 1/64)
Spells Kabuff
Family Aquatics
Description Cruel crabs who toughen up with Kabuff, then strike with their sizable claws. Not too troubled by earth attacks.
Never to full to turn down a feed, the thought of feasting on freshly fallen adventurers sets them salivation salaciously.
Haunts Slurry Coast
Urdus Marshland
Pluvi Isle

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