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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Spell Info
Japanese ヒャド
Rōmaji Hyado
Type Ice
MP 3*
Introduced in III

Crack is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series. It has since become common among mages and other users of offensive magic.


Crack is often depicted as a sudden growth of ice crystals that cut into a single enemy. The crystals become larger, more abundant, and far more chilling in appearance as the spell family advances, often extending its target range along with its power.



Crack is learned by Mages at level 5, and deals 25~34 points of damage for 3 mp.


Crack is learned by Borya starting at level 1, and deals around 10~16 damage for 2 magic points. The reason for the lowered damage output is the concern over difficulty balance in the beginning of DQIV's second chapter.


Crack targets a single foe, and deals between 25~34 damage for 3 mp. It is learned by the following playable characters, though not in the original 16-bit version where the spell is absent.

Name Level
Wiz pip8


Milly learns this spell at level 9, and is the only party member who can learn it. The spell allows her to pierce an enemy for between 25~35 points of damage.



Crack is learned by Jessica at level 10. It costs her 3 magic points, and initially deals between 20~30 base damage, with a maximum of 55.


Learned by Mages at Level 6 and Minstrels at Level 8 and cast for 3 MP. Pierces a single enemy with razor-sharp icicles, dealing 25~35 base damage and capping at 114~123.

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