Crafting in Builders allows the player to create unique items, furniture, armor, weapons, and many other items needed throughout the game. Crafting is the main focus and mechanic for DQB. A crafting station is required and they can be found naturally or made by the player.

To craft an item the player first needs to receive a recipes. The hero/heroine will either invent these recipes on their own, or a secondary character will give the hero/heroine the idea for a new recipe. The player can not create something without a recipe, even if the player knows the materials required to make the item.

Each recipe requires a certain number of materials. The player will receive various materials by either; killing enemies, breaking objects, opening chests, growing them, or receive them from NPCs.

Crafting Station

There are various different crafting stations in Dragon Quest Builders. The first one the player encounters is a Tree Stump and soon after a Mason's Workstation. The first crafting stations are given to the player without needing to make them.

  • Tree Stump
  • Mason's Workstation
  • Cookfire
  • Forge