Crested viper
DQIVDS - Crested viper
Japanese name とさかへび
Rōmaji Tosakahebi
Family Dragon
Introduced in IV

The Crested viper, originally known as Crestpent, is a semi-recurring monster in the Dragon Quest game series series.


The Crested viper looks like an average snake. However, there are four large red protrusions originating from its head, which look like crests, giving the Crested viper its name.


Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest VII

#18 - Crestpent
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 28
MP 3
Attack 37
Defense 20
Agility 24
Experience 17
Gold 7
Dropped Item Leather Hat
Spells Sap
Family Beast
Haunts Orph

The Crestpent can be found in Mount Ceide in both the past and present, the Falrod region in the past, the Verdham region in the past, and the Lake Altar Cave in the past.

Dragon Quest Monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters 2

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Ssssss! Ssssss!"


-"Hssssss! Hssssss!"


Crestpent Crestpent Crestedviper DQIV NES

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