Critical Hits are a recurring feature of the Dragon Quest game series series, and many other role-playing games. Every time any player character, most bosses and some lesser monsters makes an attack, they have a small chance of inflicting a critical hit, based off the deftness that the character has, which drastically increases the damage dealt by that attack.

Chance of a critical hit varies between characters and between games, as does the exact damage multiplier. There exist many abilities that can yield a higher chance of performing a critical hit, at the cost of some MP, for example, Thunder Thrust and Hatchet Man.

Physical critical hits seem to be less affected by an enemy's defense. For example, a critical hit against any kind of metal slime or gem slime can still deal up to hundreds of points of damage, killing it in one hit. This is often exploited by using abilities like Thunder Thrust in order to farm experience and/or gold.

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