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Cross eye
DQVDS - Cross eye
Japanese name ビックアイ
Rōmaji Bikkuai
Family Beast
Introduced in V

Cross eye (formerly Big Eye and BigEye) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.



#54 - Cross eye
Game Appearance Dragon Quest V
Console DS
HP 74
MP 10
Attack 60
Defense 40
Agility 35
Experience 52
Gold 28
Dropped Item Giant mallet
Haunts Abovitall Tower, Scary Lair, Tunnel south of Zoomingale


Monsters 2

Caravan Heart

Joker 2

Joker 2 Professional

Terry's Wonderland 3D

Super Light

Monster Battle Road Victory


The term cross eye is used when a person or animal,has their eyes next to their nose so their eyes are crossed. Bozied is the opposite of cross eyed.

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