Cursed weapons are powerful weapons in Dragon Quest series. Unfortunately, they can also hurt the wielder, and sometimes even zero out stats. They can be wielded normally without negative effects by Psaro in the DQIV remake. However, and IX, they can be alchemised into stronger, non-cursed versions of themselves using either 1 or 3 Saint's Ashes.

Dragon Quest II

Name Equipped by Power Sell Price Obtain Cursed Effect
Sword of Destruction (Devil Sword) Prince of Midenhall +105 Attack 11,250 Gold Dropped by Dragon, Gigantes, and Atlas

Dragon Quest III

Name Equipped by Power Sell Price Obtain Cursed Effect
Devil Sword Hero(ione) and Warrior +110 Attack 33,750 Gold Treasure Chests Randomly Paralyzes the user in battle.
Demon Axe Warrior +105 Attack 375 Gold Dropped by various monsters and found in treasure chests Low Accuracy
Pharaoh's Golden Claw Fighter +50 Attack 6000 Gold Treasure in Pryamid Makes Encounter rate within Pyramid 100%

Dragon Quest IX

This is a list of cursed weapons in Dragon Quest IX, and the weapons they can be alchemised into.

  • Oh-no bow - Odin's bow
  • Demon whip - Archdemon whip - Scourge whip

See also:

For general info, see Cursed Equipment.

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