Dai Chapter 11 Cover
Chapter 11


Translated Title

Showdown!! Hadlar VS Avan

Romaji Title

Taiketsu!! Hadorā Tai Aban

Volume #2

Birth arc

Japanese Release

April 10, 1990

Anime Episode

This Provisional Licence Proves I've Graduated! The Fierce Fight, Hadlar VS Avan!!

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Showdown!! Hadlar VS Avan is the eleventh chapter of Riku Sanjo, and Koji Inada's Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken.

Hadlar told the group of Avan, the emperor Vearn, is both the master Hadlar, and both the god almighty these troops are far more powerful than in the old army of evil, and human as they are not big enough to fight. Avan Hadlar asks if he remembers their clash with it 15 years ago he had to offer Avan joining its ranks, if he accepts the offer him half the world. Avan refuses. The fighting spirit of Avan sprang from his body Avna Hadlar screams that he does not know pity, and even if he had accepted he would kill anyway. Avan added that as Hadlar and underling vearn it surprises Avan he could offer him half the world. Hadlar angry at this insult decides not to spare, and having to kill all the disciple of Avan. Brass and Pop get scared by looking at what their prepared hadlar and Dai guess, that his master is trying to counter the IONAZUN of Hadlar by AVAN Strash. Hadlar finally launch the attack against that Avan Avan Strash with the attack made ​​a terrible explosion. After the spotlight explosion, Dai looks Avan's attack managed to scrape Hadlar. Hadlar remark, like what this attack, and so dangerous because he has already been killed once by the attack. Hadlar, heals, and adds that now she is less dangerous because it has qu'Avan pa could resist his attack. Pop and Dai are afraid for their maîttre. Pop, retains Dai ​​was going to precipitate asking him what he will do. Dai replied that he would fight. Pop find it crazy wills attack the general of the army of evil. Dai rejoinder that Avan has almost as much energy because he served Dragoram to drive it (the dragon with glasses). Brass says that the technique Dragoram consumes 3-4 times more energy than normal spells. Pop by Dai holds legs Hadlar also finds qu'Avan and weak, and wondered if he reached those limits.

When Hadlar would give the final blow to Avan, Dai arises Hadlar stops the sword stroke Dai wonder if there is a hurry to die grabs his arm and hits the ground before releasing. Pop rushes to retrieve Dai, gets scared of Hadlar he sees. Hadlar told them, they are so small, they have stayed away. Then when the company goes behind the back of Hadlar. Hadlar remark that losing blood, and realizes he's bleeding finger remembers that it was love of Dai earlier, which caused him to bleed. Annoyed Hadlar are preparing to launch a powerful attack them to destroy them. Fearing for them, Avan jumps on attack Hadlar, it ends with a big explosion.


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