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Darck is a monster and the primary antagonist of Dragon Quest Monsters 2. He is an obese demon and collector of various treasures.


Darck speech

Darck speaking.

Darck is corpulent and extravagantly garbed, always seen leaning lazily on a crystal ball that is about the same size as his head. He is very powerful, contrary to what his relaxed pose might indicate.

He collects treasures and employs others for seeking them out for the sole purpose of arousing negative emotions, particularly greed, in the hearts of humans. Darck is able to draw power from this negativity, a trait not uncommon to other villains in the series, and so is constantly scheming in order to enhance his own strength.


To date, Darck has appeared in Dragon Quest Monsters 2 and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional Edition, he is likely to return for the upcoming 3DS remake of Dragon Quest Monsters 2. While referred to throughout the story in DQM2, he does not make an appearance until the player obtains all of the sky world's magical treasures and goes to deliver them at his castle on that world. This eventually leads Darck granting Cobi or Tara access to his home world of Limbo. This is the stage in which the final battle of the main story takes place.

An egg containing Darck can be obtained through mini-medal trading after the player beats the game for the first time. This is the only way to obtain Darck, seeing as how he cannot be obtained through normal means.

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