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Deja is the name given to the continent connected to Orph in the game Dragon Quest VII


  • Temple of God - This temple is were God slumbers. Before his defeat at the hands of the Demon Lord, God set in place the things necessary for his revival. One of which is the the Submerged Temple on the Deja Continent. In the Present, the area around the Temple has been submerged in the ocean. After the defeat of the Demon Lord, however, this land returns to the surface.
  • Excavation Site - In the Present, there is an excavation site. A professor finds a skull with a golden horn and researches it. Later, after all of the worlds have been discovered, the excavation crew finds a Pedestal that leads to the Dark World. Monsters appear and kill the crew.
  • Dejan's Camp - The Dejans are the most notable residents of the land. They are a nomadic people on a quest to revive God.

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