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Tenny sanguini

Teeny sanguini

Demon Family (Japanese Kanji: 悪魔 Hiragana: あくま Romanji: Akuma Demon) refers to monsters in Dragon Quest series that have demonic forms. They usually posess a pair of bat wings


Troll is an example in Demon Family of not having a pair of bat wings

Usual Drop Items

Strengths and Weakness


Some demons, such as the Troll subfamily and Slugly Betsy, have high HP and attack, making them formidable foes. Others like the Python Priest and Morag possess terrifying magic and crippling effects. Some are effective at both, leaving no universally exploitable weaknesses.


Most demons, unsurprisingly, have a low resistance to light-based attacks. Wands deal 110% regular damage to demons, and the move Beelzefreeze has a high chance of paralysing demons.

Examples of the Demon Family

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