Demon spear
Japanese name デーモンスピア
Rōmaji Dēmonsupia
Introduced in V

Demon spear is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series. The weapon is notable for having a 1/8th chance to instantly slay any non-boss target upon contact.



The Demon spear appears in the remade versions of IV, and has an attack bonus of +99. It's also cursed, being one of the few times a normal weapon has been made a cursed item in a remake. It may be equipped by the Hero, Ragnar, and Psaro


The Demon spear has an attack bonus of +99.


The Demon spear has an attack bonus of +99 and a style bonus of +19 (+ 61 after it's been upgraded). It is found in the Dreadlair on floor two and can be sold for 18,750 gold or 21,562 gold after it's been upgraded. Amos, Carver, and Terry can equip it.


The Demon spear can be sold for 12,500 gold, but not bought. It has an attack bonus of + 99. Maribel, Melvin, and Aira can equip it.


The demon spear has an attack bonus of +86. The Hero can equip it. It can be sold for 12,500 gold, but not bought. Its alchemy recipe is Battle fork + Poison needle + Devil's tail.


 Demon Spear
Attack +93
Buy Price 34,500 G
Sell Price 17,250 G
Flavor text A spear that can floor a foe with a single well-sighted strike.
Notes Sold in Stornway (post-game)
Recipe: Celestial spear + Terrible tattoo x 3 + Malicite

It is not a cursed item in this game.

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